• Frequently Asked Questions

    What is coaching?

    Coaching (which includes life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, perhaps even sports coaching) is a partnership whose sole purpose is to evoke your growth and transformation.


    As a coach, I hold you as naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You have untapped potential within you, but you (well, your bodymind) is getting in your way - through limiting beliefs, unconscious mental patterns, trauma responses, limiting perception, or limiting states. Coaching is a creative and thought-provoking conversation that will help you get free of these and live a life of fulfillment.


    "Master your state, nurture your nature." - Joey Ra


    In contrast to advice-giving or consulting, no direct solutions are provided by the coach. Rather, through the coaching conversation, you are transformed. You gain new insights and perspectives about you and your situation and, as a result, develop your own novel solutions.


    Coaching is a relationship and process like no other. Imagine a relationship where the total focus is on you and what you want in your life. On what will help you achieve it. Imagine a partnership with someone who will tell you the absolute truth, for no other reason than for your success.

    Is coaching right for me?

    You first have to ask yourself, “How willing am I to change, NOW?” We all have areas in which we feel stuck, and always have room to grow and improve, but it’s the willingness to invest the time and energy now that determines whether coaching is right for you at this point in time.


    As a coach, I honour everyone's process and timing. I encourage potential clients to do the same. Don't push yourself to enter this deep process if the time isn't right for you. When the time is right, you will know.

    What if I have mental "problems"? Shouldn't I see a therapist instead?

    I'd always recommend a highly skilled therapist to anyone. I've seen therapists at various times in my life myself and found the process helpful. Some of my clients work with a therapist at the same time as working with me - sometimes at my recommendation.


    That said, my coaching provides a lot of space for areas that people might generally expect to be dealt with solely by therapists. Trauma, depression, and anxiety are things that a lot of us experience to a degree in our lives. These are topics that many clients have brought to coaching with me and have shown results. Many of my coaching approaches overlap with advanced therapeutic methods, such as somatic work (using the body), constellation (or "parts") work and Gabor Mate's compassionate inquiry method. These show great results over time, greater than what people traditionally imagine therapy to be - talk therapy.


    Many clients of mine have seen therapists in the past. They report that they have seen greater results in a shorter period of time than years of therapy (usually talk therapy). I don't put this solely down to the coaching approach taken, as I believe part of this is that my clients were ready to see this change, more ready than they were before. That said, we know that the integrated approach taken in my coaching is more effective in addressing such topics.


    I will recommend clinical intervention around these topics if your experience of them starts to drift towards what I'd describe as continued "disorder" or "dysfunction" and you don't see any improvements over time. More extreme symptoms such as psychosis and pervasive dissociation is not suitable to be addressed through coaching.

    How much do you charge?

    For private clients in Cambodia (not sponsored by companies) I charge a sliding scale based on income and location. $200 - $600 per month based on 2 sessions per month.


    Based on individual needs, the frequency of sessions might increase or decrease as we proceed. This will impact the fees.


    I allocate space for low-income clients as part of my commitment to helping those in need (and part of my tithing practice). If affordability is an issue but you think we'd work great together, please reach out anyway - please don't let the fees hold you back.


    There are also group programs that are more affordable, and you get a wonderful tribe to walk with you as a bonus!

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    The above are guidelines for reflection, as financial situations look differently for different people. Income brackets are based on net salary in Cambodia.