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    Unlock your Coaching Potential with Expert Mentorship and Supervision

    Are you a coach dedicated to excellence and ongoing professional development in your practice? At Coaching Mastery Hub, we understand that coaching is not just a profession—it's a lifelong journey of growth and transformation. As a senior coach and trained supervisor, I am here to guide you on your path to coaching excellence.


    Elevate Your Coaching with Mentorship and Supervision


    Why Mentorship?


    Coaching is an ever-evolving discipline, and mentorship is the key to unlocking your full potential. Our mentorship program offers personalized guidance tailored to your unique coaching style and goals. Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking fresh perspectives or a budding coach navigating the early stages of your career, our mentorship will empower you to overcome challenges and enhance your impact.


    The Power of Supervision


    Effective coaching requires ongoing self-reflection and continuous improvement. Our supervision services provide a structured space for coaches to receive constructive feedback, refine their skills, and ensure ethical and impactful coaching practices. Together, we'll delve into your coaching sessions, celebrate your successes, and collaboratively address areas for enhancement, fostering your growth as a coach.


    Services Offered:


    1. ICF-specific Mentor Coaching & Supervision (for ACC/PCC application):


    Applicants for the ACC & PCC credential with the ICF are required to have completed 10 hours of mentor coaching with a coach at PCC level or above. If your coaching training program did not include this, you will have to find your own mentor coach.


    By working together, we'll look at your strengths, areas for improvement and how to leverage your natural gift as a coach as you prepare for your ACC and beyond, based on observed or recorded sessions.


    2. Ongoing Mentorship: 

    • Tailored guidance to align your coaching practice with your goals.
    • Strategies to overcome challenges and capitalise on your unique strengths.
    • Proven techniques for client engagement and transformative coaching.


    3. Supervision:

    • Structured sessions to review and reflect on your coaching sessions.
    • Constructive feedback to enhance your coaching effectiveness.
    • Ethical guidance to ensure the highest standards in your practice.




    My standard sliding scale fees (based on financial situation) apply for mentoring and supervision.


    I offer a limited number of slots for mentorship and supervision at a special rate for coaches based in Cambodia - your average fee across your client roster.

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