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    Hi, I'm Joey Ra.
    A coach for creatives seeking true authentic expression.

    You are here because you know that there is more breadth and depth to life, and you want to experience and express it to its fullest.

  • You are in the right place...

    You're in the right place if you're doing well. Or that's how most people perceive you this way. You're running a successful business. You're doing a good job in your creative work, whether art, performance or in/entrepreneurship.


    You may be a start-up founder. You may be a leader within an organisation. You may be a performer, author or artist. Or an activist. Whether you identify as a "creative" or "artist", you are a channel of creation, of shifting the status quo, of expression.


    But there remains something deep inside you that you know you cannot ignore forever. Secret dreams and longings - of a bigger stage, of greater depth, of true authenticity. Repeating patterns of self-sabotage. Deep-rooted limiting beliefs about yourself and about life. Overwhelming emotions. Trauma unaddressed. A sense that your true song has not yet been sung on your true stage for your true people.


    You're here because you feel as though now is the time for a change, even if you aren't quite sure yet what that change looks like or how to go about it. You may sometimes think like you're crazy for feeling this way. You're not. This is what it feels like to take the first steps to transformation.

  • How we do it

    1:1 coaching

    Coaching for transformation, not performance

    I can work with you to transform your life and tap into the depth that exists in you. We explore together hidden beliefs, unconscious patterns, old stories, suppressed energies and fixed embodiments.


    We use full-body techniques to shift these over time for lasting transformation.


    You will find me approachable yet direct and radically honest. Our time together will be challenging and uncomfortable, but you will also discover an inner strength and purpose like never before.


    Read more about the coaching process here.

    Team / relationship coaching

    No man is an island entire of itself

    Teams and relationships ("systems") are more than a sum of their parts. Systems have their own beliefs, patterns of behaviour, and their own purpose.


    I work with teams and couples to explore what is going on in the system, and how to work together as parts within that system. An intimate, courageous and powerful space is created, allowing for a relationship beyond your imagination.

  • Client testimonials

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    "I refused to acknowledge that there are things that I shouldn't have to handle entirely on my own, or that there is a limit to personal growth that I can achieve alone. I resisted for months then finally gave in and hired Joey on a recommendation by a friend.


    I was surprised how fast I was able to work through things, by just talking about them with him for an hour or two. I haven't looked back since and became a different person :)"

    Tech start up professional

    "Working with Joey has been an extraordinary journey that has had a profound impact on various aspects of my life. Through our coaching sessions, I underwent a transformative experience, gaining a heightened awareness of my body, emotions, and the depths of my soul. Joey's holistic approach created a harmonious integration of these aspects, fostering a sense of balance, connection, and authenticity within myself.


    One area in which this has really helped me is my decision-making. I now approach decisions not just from my strong rational mind but also integrating the wisdom of my body and emotions. As a result, my decisions have become more aligned with my core values, enabling me to intentionally shape the life I desire and make choices that resonate deeply with my truest self. He also helped me to expand my aperture of life itself with a focus on my wise self vs saboteurs.


    One thing I really appreciated about working with Joey was is his ability to surprise me in the most positive and enriching way. From our very first session, he challenged my preconceived notions and went beyond what I had initially expected. For example, I had said I wanted a systematic approach to breakthroughs, but he introduced me to fresh perspectives, asked thought-provoking questions, and led me into unexplored territories of self-discovery. These unexpected insights and conversations have been instrumental in my personal growth and have made the coaching experience truly exceptional.


    I am immensely grateful for the transformational impact that working with Joey has had on my life. His holistic approach, coupled with his skill in asking insightful questions and facilitating introspection, is empowering me to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life. I wholeheartedly recommend Joey as a coach to already high-performing leaders who are wondering “what else could be here?”. Thank you, Joey, for your unwavering support and the positive impact you have had on my journey of self-realization and personal empowerment."


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    Charley Todd

    "I met Joey Ra just seven weeks ago, when my daughter-in-law introduced us. At 77, I am at a place where I want to imagine the last book of my life. I’ve had a successful career as an educator who as its Head of School for 28 years created a wonderful progressive, arts centered, multicultural school in New England, which has become a model for other small progressive schools. I was the founding Board President of the fourth largest gay rights organization in the USA, and also the co-founder and still Board President of the largest arts NGO in Cambodia, which has become a model for transformation through the arts of post-conflict societies.

    During my life I’ve worked with several therapists and two other life coaches. All of them were helpful for my personal growth and I would recommend any of them. But Joey is in another class. In just five sessions with him, I’ve made more progress than in years of past coaching. Joey helps me hone my capacity for self awareness, and to quickly put goals into action. Thanks to working with Joey, I feel calmer, more focussed, and as if my bags were packed ready to leave this life with no regrets should I be suddenly taken by Covid 19 or some other fatality. I have already recommended Joey as a coach for several of my most valued friends."

    Jamie Raine, Artist / Entrepreneur

    "Coaching with Joey has helped me discover myself by myself. I know that sounds weird, but he has helped guide me to discover paths less travelled within me, which I didn't know existed and to be more open to adopting different perspectives about myself.


    My family, work colleagues and I find I am more calm and balanced since starting the coaching. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about coaching with Joey."

    Rui En, Medical Doctor

    "Meeting Joey and engaging him as my life coach has literally been the single most important thing that I have ever done for myself. This experience with him has helped me reorganise and re-centre the topsy turvy world that is actually just my mind. I struggle with this a lot and Joey was able to help what felt like an impossible situation turn possible. I will be forever thankful that I took that first step toward becoming the person I really want to be and living the life I truly want to live.

    Joey really understands where I am coming from and is able to clearly identify my thoughts and needs in life. He is an inspirational person who has the ability to motivate and encourage action thereby focusing one on fulfilling their personal goals. Joey is an amazing, life-saving life coach."

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    Sofia Perez, Managing Principal at The Idea Consultancy

    "Stepping into my new role as a Managing Principal at The Idea has been an exciting and terrifying journey.


    Joey helps me explore my narrative and truths, and encourages me to build on those that propel me onward. It’s a guided deep-dive into my thoughts, which gives me clarity, space, and courage to make better decisions as a leader and as a person."

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    Martin, Coach & Teacher

    "Joey Ra provided me with an unforgettable coaching experience. Working with him was a true blessing that helped change my life for the better.


    I’d recommend him to anyone that might be lost or needs help on their journey. Joey will be the lighthouse to help you find your way."

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    Tom Hesketh, Deputy Executive Director for Eurocham

    “I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Joey Ra and his team for a public training offered by EuroCham. As an organiser, I was also fortunate to be able to join the course as a participant. Based on this experience, I would highly recommend Joey as a coach for individuals, or as a trainer for teams and businesses. Working and negotiating with Joey was exceptionally smooth and good natured – Joey was flexible to our needs and adapted his training well to our audience.


    Our participants are typically middle to senior managers of large corporates and NGOs operating in Cambodia. From a learning standpoint, Joey also excelled. I was able to learn the benefits of coaching in the workplace. This was an area I was somewhat cynical about before, but I have since been able to apply several of the lessons and tools learnt to my own team.


    Joey was able to create a course environment in which all participants (of varying backgrounds and seniority) felt relaxed, and open to discussing their work challenges. The course was also rated particularly highly by our participants. Overall, I highly recommend Joey as a coach and services provider, and hope to work with him again in the future.”

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