Are you an experienced professional looking to use coaching skills in your current role, to transition into a career in coaching, or just to broaden and deepen your coaching skills? Are you looking to train yourself to lead in times of change and uncertainty?


    The interactive course, Cambodia's first professional coaching training program, delivered online (in-person when restrictions allow), will take place over five modules of 3 days each. The course is designed on the principles of experiential learning, with structure provided to guide you as you practice towards conscious competence and mastery.


    By the end of this program, you will be equipped to coach any person on any topic using skills based on scientific and practical research. You will be given a certificate of completion and be able to apply for an ICF (International Coaching Federation) credential under the ACC Portfolio Path (ICF Level 1 Path accreditation application in progress).


    • 100% of students agree / strongly agree that the course equipped them with the mindsets / skills / tools to coach clients
    • 100% of students are clear on the next steps to building their coaching practice (or incorporating what they've learned into a different role)
    • 100% of students would recommend this course to someone else






    Due to the experiential nature (we're not going to just learn theory using PowerPoint!) of the course, intention and commitment are crucial for learning for you and your fellow coaches.


    We are operating in a new paradigm during these challenging times of Covid-19 and many of us are juggling several different roles (parent, partner, colleague, friend) but in the same single location. To honour the experience for you and everyone else, we will require that you can be fully present during course hours, as if we were in a room together (if classes held online due to Covid-19 restrictions).


    You will have homework assignments to cement the learning during the module, and will be provided guidance to continue self-learning and practice coaching between modules.



    Cohort 2 is now in progress - applications remain open for Cohort 3 starting in 2023.


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    Sokuntha Eam

    "I was working as a Business Development Director for a social company as well as being an Intuitive Life Coach for a few clients beside my job when the whole world paused due to the Covid-19 situation. During this period, I had a deep self-reflection about how I was living my life and its meaning and realised that individual coaching was my calling. I decided to resign from the company I was working for after 5 years not really knowing how following my heart would like.


    Back a few months ago, I met Joey at a Breakfast talk which topic was “Transforming your leadership through coaching”. He was presenting this topic with two other coaches and he caught my attention during his brief personal introduction as he said that he was aspiring to train the first generation of coaches in Cambodia. Since I already figured out coaching was the right path for me but never had the opportunity to follow any coaching training before as I was practising intuitively, I decided to get back in touch with him after I terminated from work and started a certified coaching training course at Cambodia Coaching Institute of which he is the founder.


    The course itself was very rich and well organised, I learnt the Foundations of Coaching through the study of the updated ICF Core Competency Model, different modes of coaching and many more tools via various exercises. Also, it was affordable which in my situation was a key aspect.


    Most importantly, not only was I trained by Joey but as part of the course, I was also able to benefit from 3 sessions of 1 to 1 coaching with him. Joey is an amazing coach but also an amazing person. You can tell he’s living a life of purpose.


    Thanks to him and his coaching training course, I am now embracing fully my new path as a certified coach myself and I am grateful to also say that I am now living a life with a purpose, partnering with people who are in a transition in their professional lives and help them have a real impact in the world."

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    Laurence Colinard

    "I'd like to sincerely thank you for the coaching journey we went through.


    I wanted to discover coaching in that specific period in my life, professionally transitioning. It helped me reconnect with a high level of energy and willingness to go ahead in my new projects, overcoming my fears.


    I immediately trusted Joey, appreciated his professional approach and shared his values. He is definitely a great coach, with high capabilities to subtle experience the different sides of our personality. He pushes us to deeply dive into our unconscious schemas to put them to consciousness so that we can express the best part of who we are.


    This was an amazing journey with an amazing coach. So grateful and proud to be part of the Crazy Explorers!


    I'm excited to see what comes next for me as a coach... I would say more, as an 'Interior Spirit Designer'."

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    Marina Pok

    My testimonial about the coach s journey with Joey Ra , April-June 2020.

    During the pandemic Covid-19, all my art events overseas and in Cambodia were cancelled. A very sad perspective for my artists and myself. The horizon became suddenly flat.

    My friend Sokuntha mentioned the opportunity to embark on a coaching journey with Joey, via Zoom; to be the 1st cohort of coaches in Cambodia. I followed my intuition. Stepping in the New Cambodian Buddhist Year, with a New Journey had a profound resonance.

    My horizon became brighter, multi-dimensioned, multi-colored. I discovered with Joey a new language and how magical I could impact on people’s mind to transform their Innerself. Above all, I learnt about my Saboteurs who lied to me for so many years. Together with the cohort1, we walked on the road less traveled and what an adventure, full of tears & joy.

    Joey our courteous captain, was guiding the Crazy Explorers with his subtle manner, into new horizons.

    I am Grateful to the Crazy Explorers I am honored to know Joey Ra.