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What a privilege it is...

· Reflections,Personal

What a privilege it is to be invited into someone’s deepest and most private and most vulnerable thoughts. To be allowed to create and hold a space for someone to be able to express things that they cannot express anywhere else?

Where supermen and superwomen can come and just be vulnerable beings full of doubt and insecurities about themselves. Where they can admit to feeling like they’re blagging their way through life, in fear that one day they’ll get found out as an imposter.

Where they can be honest about the huge burdens that they have placed on themselves - theirs and others - without fear that someone else will have to carry it for them. Their partners, friends, families and coworkers.

What a privilege it is to be able to see them in their weakest moments, and in those moments also see the incredible power that resides inside those weaknesses. To be able to witness their transformation as they let go of their old habits and patterns that can serve them no longer, as they bloom into new individuals of power.

Power not derived from surface-level armour but power that comes from the deep wounds they have on their bodies and souls. Power that comes from relationships, purpose and acknowledgement of their limitations - the limitations that contain the key to their limitlessness.

What an incredible honour it is to see them grow beyond their (and my) wildest dreams and imaginations. To see them stretch themselves beyond what I’ve requested of them. To witness their building new paradigms and worldviews that serve them better.

To design the structures that give them freedom. To break past promises to be true to their new selves. To do less to be more. To have less to be more. To strain less to achieve more. To accept their weaknesses to find their strength. To fight less to win more. To let go of who they believe they are are to become who they truly are.

What an incredible privilege it is to be someone’s coach.