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The paradoxical nature of our inner critical voices

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The saboteurs (inner critic voices) in our minds are very strange indeed.

1. On one hand they tell us that we're awful, useless, and how can we ever hope to achieve anything.

2. On the other hand they make us reject any tiny bit of critique, which would have otherwise helped us to grow closer to our dreams and the person we want to be.

Notice how your colleagues (and you) will take up every opportunity to talk so badly about themselves ("oh I'm useless at public speaking"), and yet react so defensively when you point out a small area for improvement?

That's the saboteur.

Those reactions seem contradictory, but they have the same effect of holding us back and keeping us stuck where we are:

1. By calling ourselves useless, we don't have to try to be better. We remain stuck.

2. By refusing to accept any critique, we deny ourselves the chance of growing.

True growth and freedom is available when we learn to discern these saboteur voices.

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