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Free Radicals

Don’t live life on somebody else’s terms. Live life purposefully by making conscious and meaningful decisions.

There’s more to life than doing a job we don’t love, to buy things we don’t need, to impress people we don’t like.

We are a group dedicated to helping you live radically. We do this through sharing stories and ideas, coaching, and learning the skills we need to survive and thrive in the world, but free from the world.

We are free radicals.

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"Why free radicals?”

We believe that living freely requires living radically.Following the herd, carrying on the status quo and doing what is considered “sensible” won’t help us be free.

Free radicals in science are atoms or molecules that have an unpaired electron. Things in nature don’t like having unpaired electrons, and a single free radical on its own is in a sense incomplete.

They are also a highly reactive species, towards other substances and with each other. When free radicals come together, they can start a rapid chain reaction that both increase the number of free radicals and have knock on impacts on their surroundings.

We believe that the world needs free radicals to stand up, come together and start a chain reaction with the power to change the world.

Do you also believe this? Come join our movement.